I qualified with another agency, can I dive with Excalibur?

If you learnt with another agency (eg PADI, SSI, SAA), you have the opportunity to "crossover" to a BSAC qualification at your level and to progress through the training programme as you wish.Your existing qualification will have an equivalency within the BSAC structure.
The table below lists a number of 'other agency' qualifications that are considered similar standard to the BSAC qualification shown. The table does not attemp to be definitive and only includes the commonly recognised programmes.
Other Agency Qualification 

Similar BSAC Qualification

All ‘Entry Level’ qualifications (which typically do not include rescue training) such as:

♦ CMAS One Star Diver
♦ NASDS Open Water Diver and Advanced Open Water Diver
♦ NAUI Scuba Diver and Advanced Scuba Diver
♦ PADI Open Water Diver
♦ PADI Advanced Open Water Diver / AOWD Plus
♦ Royal Navy Ships Diver
♦ SAA Open Water Diver
♦ SSI Open Water Diver and Advanced Open Water Diver


Ocean Diver

All ‘Second Level’ qualifications (which must include rescue training) such as:

♦ CMAS Two Star Diver
♦ HSE Commercial Diver: HSE Scuba Diver / HSE Surface Supply Diver / HSE Surface Supply (Top Up) Diver / HSE Closed Bell Diver (formerly HSE Diver Part 4, 3, 1 and 2 respectively).
♦ NASDS Rescue Diver
♦ NAUI Scuba Rescue Diver
♦ PADI Rescue Diver
♦ SAA Club Diver
♦ SSAC Third Class Diver/ Sports Diver
♦ SSI Advanced Open Water Diver with ‘Stress and Rescue’ Speciality
♦ Army Compressed Air Diver


Sports Diver

All ‘Third Level’ qualifications (which must include dive leadership training) such as:

♦ NASDS Dive Supervisor
♦ NAUI Divemaster
♦ PADI Divemaster
♦ SAA Dive Leader
♦ SSAC Second Class Diver/ Master Diver
♦ SSI Dive Control Specialist


Dive Leader

Any higher level of qualification, such as:

♦ CMAS Three Star Diver
♦ SAA Dive Supervisor

Because of the variation allowed in training for the higher diving qualifications awarded by US diver training agencies, BSAC is unable to accept them as being of a similar standard to BSAC Advanced Diver. However, Branch Diving Officer’s can judge additional experience and training on a case-by-case basis.


Advanced Diver

Notes on the 'Table of Similar Qualifications'

  1. 'Try a Dive' Programmes such as Discover Scuba Diving or Experience Scuba do not include instruction to warrant any credits/exemptions from a full programme of BSAC diver training.
  2. BSAC will normally accept other agency Snorkeling Qualifications as directly equivalent to its own.
Nothing in the SALT process removes or alters the Branch Diving Officer’s responsibility for the safety and well being of Branch members. If the DO feels that the skills of a new member, originally trained by another agency, are lacking, the DO is at liberty to require the member to undertake appropriate refresher training and/or limit their open water diving activities until a satisfactory level of skills performance is demonstrated.

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