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Excalibur is a not for profit organisation and all our instructors are volunteers. This means that we are are able to keep the costs to you as low as possible. Below is a breakdown of the likely costs to give you an idea, but things change and you may need more training time, so don't hold us to these!

 BSAC Membership
 Includes 12 months subscription to 'Scuba' Magazine 
 Training Pack
 Includes Diving Manual, Workbook and Certificate
 Excalibur Membership
£65 (£5 discount for prompt payment)
 Includes 'Free' air from club compressor
Pool use fees
£3.50 per week, for approximately 10 weeks
 Equipment hire
 £3.50 per week, for approximately 10 weeks
Total £223*


* If you don't already have a mask, fins and snorkel you will need to buy these, typical cost: £35 mask, £60 open heel fins with wet boots or £30 full foot fins, £15 snorkel.

When you are ready to move on to the open water training, many people decide to buy at least some of their diving equipment, but hiring is also a viable option. During training you can hire the club equipment for £5 per day, excluding regs, though you will still need a drysuit (so you don't even get wet!). These can be hired from local dive stores for circa £20 per day. Remember you will need to complete at least five dives typically two dives a day over three days.

Anything else: well you'll need to budget for petrol money to get to the training dive sites circa £5 per day. Depending on where we go and if we use a boat you may have to pay an access fee of between £5 and £15 per day, or boat fees. You may also need to refill your cylinder whilst at the dive site, a typical air fill costs circa £3 per fill.

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