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Excaibur RedcarAs long as I can remember, I have suffered from motion sickness.  I was car sick as a child and even now I sometimes have to ask my husband Gordon to pull over and let me drive.  I have spent an entire 17 hour ferry crossing lying prostrate on my bunk whilst the others wander about and enjoy the facilities of the ship.  I don’t go on amusement park rides and sit and wait whilst Gordon and the boys queue up and enjoy their ride.  So bearing this in mind, it would seem that SCUBA diving is a crazy choice of hobby but regardless I learnt to dive three years ago. As a person who doesn’t give in easily, my routine before diving is to take a concoction of ginger and seasick tablets (I have tried them all including ones you buy abroad that are not legal in the UK).
Excaibur RedcarUnfortunately, everything went horribly wrong for me in Tenerife this year when I pushed my boundaries too far and agreed to try RIB diving.  It was truly a horrendous experience and resulted in me having to be rescued back on to the boat.  The combination of the motion of the waves and the surge under the water resulted in me being ill under the water, and on top of the water too until I just wanted to die. (well it seemed that way at the time!)
So, when the club trip to the Farne Islands was planned I was so disappointed with myself because I have always been desperate to dive with the seals.  I did sit and debate it for a while and then decided it would be a crazy idea as it could potentially ruin everybody else’s dive.  (I don’t die quietly!)
Once I had e mailed my apologies for not joining the trip, I was soon contacted by Matthew (our Boat Officer) who said it was such a shame that I couldn’t make it. Then Dave (our new DO) sent me an e mail which encouraged me to give it a try and assured me that we could come straight back to shore after the first dive.  I was then approached at the club and asked if I would like go out on the club RIB to Redcar to give it a try before the Farne Islands trip to see how I got on.
Excaibur RedcarThis was arranged and Dave, Stuart, Martin, Joyce, Gordon and I all got up at stupidoclock one Sunday morning.  Oddly enough, I didn’t really experience any real nerves prior to the dive and I think this is because I completely trust these experienced divers who were so supportive of me. Luckily the sea was extremely calm that day and I can quite honestly say that I did not feel ill at any time. Dave, Joyce, Gordon and I dived first and it all went without a hitch until Joyce managed to lose her mask and DV when deploying the DSMB!  Well done to her for recovering them and completing her dive.
Once we had completed our dive I stayed on the boat whilst Stuart and Martin completed their dive with twin tanks.  I knew that this could have been the worst part of the RIB experience for me but miraculously I did not feel unwell at all.  I have to admit that at this point that I was wearing my new anti seasick gadget which I tend to call my vibrator!  This is a vibrating wrist band which is worn on the pulse point and it certainly seemed to work for me. As a result of this, I now feel confident enough to attempt the dive at the Farne Islands from the club RIB and if I do it, it will be my 100th dive!

So I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the guys (and girls) at Excalibur who are a great support to me and all their fellow divers at the club.  If there are any qualified divers out there who are reading this and are looking for a great club to join- look no further- Excalibur can offer you training, support and lots of laughs too. 

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