Seal soup

Seal Soup

We would have liked to have spent the whole weekend diving in the Farnes on Jodie's trip, but we couldn't. Instead Dan and I drove up on Sunday morning and as it happened the weather had been unkind on Saturday so we got to do all the diving anyway. We did however, miss the hike to Bamburgh Castle in the rain which was such a shame.

The sea on Sunday morning was still quite rough so I wasn't expecting much. Our skipper Andrew seemed to struggle to find anywhere calm enough to dive. When he eventually dropped us in 2.5m of water just behind the lighthouse on the outer islands I feared my low expectations were justified. I was wrong though. There were seals. And more seals. And not just any seals, these seals were more than happy to join us in the kelp. They seemed to be almost wanting to play with us, it was quite amazing really. I have never been so close to so many seals before.

Our thanks to Jodie for organising the weekend. We had a great time.

Matthew and Dan Roberts

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