The Farnes – My First Dive Trip With Excalibur

I started diving when I was 12, influenced by my dad diving with the club. I did the Junior Open Water course with Overland Underwater. After I completed the course I didn't do much diving for 2 years, apart from on holiday with my dad and dive guides. Recently I have started meeting more people from the club and grown interested in doing more diving. I am very pleased that the club have welcomed me joining (well I think they have) and am hoping to dive as much as possible.


On the 6th of September I travelled up to the Farne Islands for my first club tip. I drove up with my dad, Dave Garnett, Stew and Andy King, in Dave's van. Again, Stewart was supplying me with beer (fine by me).

When we got to Seahouses we were delighted to find that our matchbox sized room's lights weren't working, and the beds were only 5 inches apart. So we left and went to the chipy. We got their very last chips and went to the pub to meet up with everybody else.

Next morning we had to get up too early for a Saturday and met everyone on the harbour. After dragging our kit down the slippy stairs and on to the boat we cast off for the Farne islands.

Halfway there Andy Simpson realised (and made the whole boat aware of the fact - loudly) that he had forgotten his hood and gloves. Luckily someone was able to lend him their spares.
As we neared the Farnes, Andy and Kim's children, Grace and Faith were watching out for seals. They didn't have to wait long before they saw the bobbing heads, watching us, as we arrived at our first dive site.

We kitted up and waited for our turn to get in to the water. After watching Pete jump in with his drysuit fully open, it was our turn to get in the water. The water was quite clear and we were able to see seals swimming around us - just at the limit of what we could see.
Later in the dive we swam up a narrow gully in the rock and got quite shallow. It was at this point we were joined by a very playful young seal who was quite happy to chew our fins! This was all fun until I felt the need to use my fins as I was starting to fall backwards. Anyway it was a great experience.

The other dives were also great. On the last dive my dad spent 5 minutes catching a lobster, which turned out to be the size of a prawn. He was laughed at and had to throw it back.

Over all I had a very good trip, with great diving and great people. I am looking forward to my next trip with the club.

Daniel Roberts

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