Cave Diving in Menorca

Having an interest in caves/caverns Ken White and myself took off to the village of S'algar on the south coast of Menorca for 4 days. As a diver who likes to explore various angles of diving I thought this could be good, and it was.

We did six dives in total, each one more interesting than the last, some were quite 'adventurous' and others tamer, but all good fun.

The vision of the mediteranean is one of nice calm seas but unfortunatly one day it REALLY wasn't. On exiting from the dive I managed to 'feed the fish' and smash my arm against the boat ladder resulting in the loss of my computor. The following day I hired the same boat with a skipper/guide and went in search for the said computor doing a sweep search, and although the visibility was at least 25 mts, I said a few naughty words like you do, but all to no avail.

When we think of caves/caverns its always a vision of dark dangerous 'holes' but with the right guides they can be brilliant and they always appear as if someones gone on in front of you and scrubbed them clean.

The finale of the 3 days diving was the world famous Pont-en Gill cave some one km north of Cuitadella and although I have now done it four times i'm still agog at the vision of stalagmites / stalagtites in the cave. The pictures that are shown are above the water in a pocket of air, the cave is approximatly 200 mt long inside. What a vision. Our guide this time was the owner of S'algar Diving who, as it happens was born in the area of Pont-en-gill so we certainly got our 'moneysworth' with his local knowledge.

All in all a great place to go to if that is your interest, that said, the fish life is almost non existant apart from large octopus's and cave dwelling fish (ie Cardinal fish) and if your lucky which we were, Barracuda.
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