Andys version of his first dive at Blue Lagoon

gold Andy Simpson is a newly trained Ocean Diver with our club.  This is his interpretation of his recent trip to The Blue Lagoon!! 

(‘box of frogs comes to mind’- what have we done to him???)


 The Chronicles of Sub Aqua Trainee (SAT)  - Episode 3 - The first open space flight.

 (Episode 1- the Try Dive and Episode 2 – the Pool Sessions may later appear as the prequels!!)


 The mission:

 Begin basic open space training which comprised of performing a recon of The Blue Lagoon star system  and attempting to pass through BSAC    OD 001.




The roster:

Pete Roddam, call sign: Admiral Ackbar

Dave Garnet, call sign: Gold Leader

Kirsteen Sanders, call sign: Gold 1

Andrew Simpson, call sign: Gold SAT


Mission debrief:

Mission control was manned by Admiral Ackbar so at 12:00 hrs Gold leader took us out.

We dropped onto our first target to perform acclimatization and run through the requirements for OD 001. Everything was going smooth and by the numbers until it was time to recycle my visor of clean air then the ocular pain hit me like a Wookiee prodding a Jawa.

Next we moved on to live support hose disconnection and reconnection. Still dazed from my visor recycling task I attempted LSH disconnection which seemed surprisingly easy however when it came to reconnection in my gloves my fingers and thumbs felt the size of Enyak bob's fruit, they don't tell you about that in the academy. Having failed to perform LSH reconnection, Gold leader took control and pulled us out of there and we punched in the coordinates into the navi computer for Platform 2 and entered hyperspace.

Our path took us through a hostile Nebula throwing out our instruments causing us to drop out of hyperspace a little later than anticipated and we found ourselves 2 parsecs beyond our target. It was too late to go back now as we needed to reach Howitzer in the Outer Rim by 13:00 hrs.

Picking up a weak signal from a navigation buoy we locked on to its location and dropped right on to the surface of Howitzer to perform a basic recon mission. Unbeknown to us this region was under the control of the Shroud of pond scum. They took up immediate hostilities towards us causing us to break formation, I lost sight of Gold Leader so pulled hard to port 150 degrees to form up on Gold 1 and lost all navigational controls then preceded to spiral out of control and headed straight to the surface of Howitzer.

Gold leader had monitored my distress signal and headed for an intercept course and called an end to the mission leaving this sector to the Emperor and the shroud of pond scum.

After the debrief and while tucking into my K rations I figured space travel was not for me and I was certain I should terminate my enlistment and return to my civilian life back on Tatooinee. Gold squadron of course assured me this was as bad as it gets and I should hang in there. Within the hour we suited up again and re-entry was just a stride away.  

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