A trip to Stoney Cove!

Ten of us from the club visited Stoney Cove this weekend for a wee dip in the chilly waters.  This was the first time Gordon and I had been there, and being a Saturday – the place was awash with divers- many of which were trainees.  Nevertheless, the set-up is really good other than the car park being a bit of a hike (I guess you need to be there for about 7.00am when it opens at weekends to get a parking place next to the water).  It was great to see Matt here, one of our newly qualified divers who had Roy by his side in the water and great to see Isi back in the water too. 

IMG 18261 


The water temperature was a balmy 7 degrees and the vis varied according to where the trainees had been dragging their fins along the silty bottom.  I surprised myself by navigating to the Stanegarth without getting lost and managed to confuse the Nautilus submarine with an aeroplane (easy mistake??).  I also thought we were being followed by a stalker diver but later found out it was Dave Goldsmith who had tagged along with us having lost his dive buddy Ann as she had returned to shore suffering with goosebumps in her semi-dry suit!  ( I’m not going to mention the fact that Craig wimped out of the second dive as he was feeling the cold too – oops – did I just say that??)

A big thanks to Stu for organising the day, and his partner in crime Dave Garnett – who both always make a days diving great fun!

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